Smith Construction Management
  1. Estimating
    We will take your vision and tell you how much it will cost to build.
    It's that simple. Construction is not rocket science, but understanding your costs is critical to a successful project. We will provide you with a very accurate idea of what your project will cost if you provide us with a project site, construction type (floors & rough order of magnitude of square footage), and a general idea of what you would like your building to look like. From there, we will update, refine, and provide further & further detail as the details of your project come to fruition throughout the design process
  2. Preconstruction
    We will help guide you through the process of designing your project.
    From hiring consultants to guide you through land aquisition, hiring your design team and managing them though the design process, and working with the authorities that have jurisdiction over your project; we will be the ones on your side throughout the process guiding you & providing recommendations every step of the way. What we bring to the table in management, estimating, cost control, scheduling, and coordination will prove to be a invaluable asset to you and your project. Let us be on your team. And help you pick the right team!
  3. Construction Management
    We won't walk away when you've got a set of plans, let us help you make it REAL.
    We will work with you when it's time to take your project out to the market. Don't go it alone. Let us help you to reach out to the right contractors, to create a buzz in the market around your project, to evaluate & prequalify, to scope out & select, and most importantly to efficiently contract with builders in order to know what you are buying, how much you are paying, why it is costing that amount, and to truly understand what you will receive in return. Not all contractors are good contractors, we can help you sort them out.
  4. Team Member
    Pick us! Put us on your team! Put us into the game! And we will win together
    Construction seems simple. The construction market is NOT. And building is not simple The odds that you will have a project that is completed on time, The odds that you will have a project that is completed within budget, And the odds that your project and your experience will be the most efficient possible. ALL get a whole lot better, if you allow us the opportunity of being on your TEAM. Hire us for the entire process or for whichever parts you'd like help with